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Horizon Report 2013

The undefinedNew Media Consortium and EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) have jointly released the undefinedNMC Horizon Report 2013.

eLearning @ HHU

With the objective of supporting modern and innovative teaching in the area of eLearning, the eLearning offices in the faculties together with the HHU Multimedia Centre offer a service portfolio, which supports teaching personnel and students in the design and use of innovative teaching methods with eLearning elements.

Apart from technical and didactic advice and training for teaching staff, this also includes the continuous updating and expansion of existing eLearning components and provision of the necessary technical infrastructure. For students, using eLearning increases the possibility for more flexible studying with a wide variety of forms of learning and communication.


  • To record your lecture
  • Produce an educational film
  • Use voting systems
  • Publish your documents on the portal
  • Release your lecture film / your video

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