What can eLearning be?

  • The use of simple communication tools such as mailing lists or discussion forums.
  • The possibility to store documents or links for a user group so that these can be accessed at any time – also and in particular in preparation for examinations.
  • The link between classroom teaching with online materials and online communication (“Blended Learning”).
  • The use of tools for interactive online co-work (Web 2.0)
  • An approach to establish a new culture of learning in the sense of self-organised and self-directed learning and to further develop one’s own teaching.
  • An element of an initiative for the further improvement of teaching quality.

"eLearning" stands for "electronic learning" and means electronically supported learning. This term does not refer to the learning content itself but to the media used for its relay, such as PC, portable end appliances or the Internet. Thanks to the broad availability of fast Internet connections, much if not most eLearning content is now available online.


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