Conceptual integration

Students and teaching personnel can communicate via forums, chat rooms or blogs, work together in wikis on texts or make files accessible via a learning platform.

Online tests can help students to assess their level of knowledge better and point them directly to material with which they can close any existing gaps.

Not just the use of new media but also the linking with an overall didactic concept behind it can make eLearning an attractive medium for studying. It is a matter of connecting elements of classic classroom and online teaching in a way which is oriented at learning objectives and takes into consideration their individual strengths and weaknesses in a suitable and structured approach.

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From idea to concept

A good idea alone is not always sufficient to arrive at the desired goal. Obtaining advice and taking into account important aspects of the planned project in the process are therefore to be recommended prior to concrete implementation.

This includes, for example, defining – after a short description of the status quo - the (learning) objectives and the target group. The content to be communicated must then be embedded in a didactic concept, structured and suitably prepared for the target group.

What is also important is the choice of appropriate methods, forms of learning and media.

Why a concept?

As a teacher and expert in your subject, you naturally know precisely which content you wish to relay to your students. You would however perhaps like to make use here or there of some didactic or technical support. In order to be able to communicate well from the beginning, it is important to explain the project which already exists in your head in a way which is understandable for someone unfamiliar with the subject.

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